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SPS have experience in development and maintaining software in all project stages - from creation of large scale distributed aggregates to web site development. Our company provides all software life cycle services - from specifying goals and prototype creation to administration and support of created systems. We provide software development under all versions of Microsoft Windows, for UNIX and free BSD systems. We render expertise in both Microsoft and Open platforms-skill sets ranging from C, C++, PHP, 4th generation language like C# / ASP.NET to Sun JAVA to machine level firmware, device drivers and mobile based technologies. In our projects we make use of the wide spectrum of latest technologies.
SPS offers to its Customers simple and convenient rules that make working with the company both pleasant and predictable. Typical conditions are described here, although all rules can be modified according to Customer's wishes. SPS has adapted itself on both the development orientations - CDA and MDA to suit the customers needs and also are accustomed to project based and leased labour based development.
SPS have simple client interaction schemes and hence are ready to adapt to any kind of environments - at par with the latest trends and diversifying from the traditional SDLC to the Extreme Programming concepts. SPS believe in changing, while allowing the customers to feel free with their used to structures of working.
We achieve very high product quality due to a well-structured and elaborate system of work organization for our employees. The principal features of our work organization system are shown at our site so that our potential customers would understand how we achieve high product quality.

Why work with us?

SPS don't treat customers as parties' rather they like to do business as a family which does not end up in a single or time defined project but our relationship continues as we grow larger and larger in size.

The Key Advantages of working with us:

High Reliability. We have a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to use effectively the skills of these specialists. You can read about it in greater detail in Our Structure and Our Operational Procedure pages.
Moderate Prices. The prices include full testing cycle the developed software by Software Testing department of our Company. If you're Company in a condition to offer long-term mutually advantageous cooperation, we are ready to carry out the first task at a discount of 10- 15% to show you quality of our work. Please note that we offer much more bonuses than other offshore companies! We have discounts for web development projects, discounts for first project, and many more.
Wide range of services. SPS offers a very wide selection of services to create, modify and test software and Web sites. You can read about it in greater detail in Our Services page.
Speedy project implementation. Due to our strong creative resource we can form a large workgroup and implement your project in extremely short time interval. The distributed structure of SPS makes it possible for the Company to quickly adjust to the current client needs (size and number of workgroups, etc).
High degree of confidentiality. Very simple scheme for customer interaction. Our system of client relations is designed to make it as easy as possible for a client to work with us. Marketing research provided by our specialists confirms the effectiveness of this system. You can read in greater detail about our scheme of customer interaction at the Client Interaction Procedures page.
Constant working resource availability. Due to our distributed structure the Company has practically always a certain number of available specialists ready to start new projects.

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